It’s not your year.

The other day I was cleaning our storage room and found a box of old notebooks. I flipped one open and found a list of New Year’s resolutions from seven years ago:

  1. Lose weight.
  2. Improve menu planning.
  3. Save money.

Funny. Those things are still on my list today and pretty much every year.

I’m a big fan of pulling out a pen and paper and writing a list of intentions. I feel this helps to organize my thoughts and align my life. Yet, I also know I cannot fully write my plans.

Pretty Sky

As I scroll through the 2018 photos on my phone, I see so much good:  happy kids, pretty country landscape, a new puppy, family adventures, joyful holidays. And yet, I also remember the heartaches that didn’t make the camera roll:  goodbyes, work stress, mom guilt, missed goals, tears.

It’s YOUR year.

We’ve all heard that one, right?

Yes, we have the power to grab hold of our lives and set intentions. Absolutely. But what about the things we cannot control?

While the goals may stay the same from year to year, everything changes. We’re not in control of every season. There will be good, and there will be bad. At times it’ll be blissful and easy; other times, it’ll be really freaking hard. That’s life.

So, when you look ahead to the new year, are you thinking about how you’ll achieve your goals? Or, are you seeking His help and praying for the outcome?

In other words:  Have you prayed about it as much as you’ve thought about it?

I forget this step sometimes. I’m a control freak. I plan and create lists and try to write my story. No matter how intentional we get, how much time we devote to goals—we must remember that it’s not really our year at all.

It is His year.

I don’t know what 2019 will hold. It could be full of good things or hard things—likely both. But I do know Who holds my future. He knows the plans… plans to prosper, not to harm. Plans to give us hope and a future.

If we trust Him with full confidence, there’s really nothing we can’t handle.

NY (2)

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