Home sweet home.


This time last year we were searching for a home. Nights were spent looking at house photos online, and weekends were consumed with touring open houses. It was our winter hobby.

This year, we’re seeking a different kind of home: a church home. And, even though there isn’t a huge commitment – ahem, like 30 years in a fixed mortgage – it’s a daunting task, nonetheless.

I’m beginning to notice the many similarities between buying a home and finding a church home.

Homebuyers often say their house “just felt like home” when entering it for the first time. “There was just something about it that I can’t put my finger on.”

We felt it here.

So, should the same warmth and coziness wash over you while sitting in a pew? Something just telling you you’re where you’re meant to be?

Here are three ways house hunting and church choosing are so alike:

1. None are perfect.

There’s no such thing as a perfect home, nor a perfect church home. Life’s messy. It’s our natural state, and there’s no changing it. Sin exists anywhere. We can do our best to tidy up the mess of this world, but there’s no way to make life perfect.

2. There’s always work to be done.

Both homes and churches require a lot of work from their owners or members. Just as our homes need us, so do our churches. People make a house a home. People make a brick building a church. His love, through people, makes it happen.

3. Both are temporary.

Searching for a starter home, on a 21- and 23-year-olds’ budget, was sometimes depressing. We had to constantly remind ourselves that, even though we’d live here for a while, it was only temporary. We wouldn’t be living here into our retirement. Same goes with the church – it’s our place to worship and connect with God, but only temporarily. Some glorious day we’ll move to our perfect home with Him in the sky.

So, as we continue this seemingly endless search, I hope these simple observations will make our decision to settle just a little easier. And hopefully, someday soon, we’ll sit in a pew and it’ll just “feel like home.”

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  1. Katie says:

    I have never searched for a home and until college, I had never searched for a church home. I was shocked at how intimidating the process is. Finding the church and pulling into the parking lot are the easiest parts… But eventually God led me to the church where He wants me right now. It was in the most unlikely of places, too. Who knew that this mega-Lutheran church girl would feel so at home in a little country Baptist church? God did. It’s been interesting. There are times I disagree, times I wish we’d use real wine (or even have communion more than once every three months)… but this is where He’s put me now. This is how He’s made me uncomfortable this week. Maybe that means He’ll put in me in a saltbox one day, too… Gosh, I hope not.


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