Sharing home.

I kind of have a major blogger crush on Sherry and John over at Young House Love (who’am I kidding? I check their site at least twice daily). And I absolutely do refer to them on a first-name basis. (Example: “Hey hon, did you know John and Sherry did/made/tried this?” He just rolls his eyes and tells me I need real friends.)

Anyway, recently they shared this quote by Tad Carpenter that I’m diggin’…

What I love most about my home

Isn’t that simply lovely and oh-so-frameworthy? I think so.

But what if we applied this quote to our home beyond this world?

Our eternal home.

Read it again.

Isn’t that just perfect? Even though I’m sure heaven’s a beautiful, spectacular, breathtaking place, it’s all about whose presence we’ll be in: His.

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  1. Johanna Christensen says:

    Well I know what blog I’ll be reading tonight at work. They’ve done a lot of stuff! Nice quote!

    1. I’m happy to provide your night’s entertainment. :) But seriously, their blog is amazing. So addictive!

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