Breaking the silent treatment.

I promise I haven’t been giving you the silent treatment.

I’ve just been a lazy blogger with a crazy, fast-moving, wonderful life.

It’s about darn time that I share an update. Over the past month, I…

1. Traveled to New York City and took part in Blog World.

My hubby and sisters tagged along, so the trip was a blast. We did all the typical touristy things, and my all-time favorite was seeing “The Lion King” on Broadway. I’m not even a theatre-lover, but it was truly breathtaking.

I also learned all kinds of useful tips and tricks about blogging at the conference–much of which I’ve already begun using in my writing career.

Oh, and I got this close to Rihanna on The Today Show. Unfortunately, my camera decided to capture her hair instead of her face. Oops.

2. Celebrated two years of wedded bliss.

Our anniversary was June 6. We still can’t believe how quickly two years has zipped by! Marriage has been one heck of a wonderful journey.

3. Added a splash of color to the yard.

I love, love, love sprucing up the landscape with some bright flowers.

This custom Etsy sign by Winfield Designs is just plain fun. I’m a sucker for anything whimsical and personalized.

4. Transformed our eyesore of a deck into a charming, functional space.

When we bought our house in the winter, we didn’t even realize it had a deck–really. Because it was just a slab of nothingness, with an old, nasty mouse-house couch on it (gross!). This spring we (and I mean my hubs… I just provided the refreshments and encouragement) added a railing and built steps off the landing. Now, we’re proud to call it a real deck.

(Since this pic was taken, we’ve covered the dirt with fresh sod. The railings will be painted white next summer, once the treated wood dries. And our search for a cheap patio table and chairs continues.)

5. Spent some quality time in the backyard, soaking in the sun rays.

Okay, maybe not as much time as I’d like (my skin’s still whiter than a cotton ball!), but I did spend one glorious afternoon reading Real Simple and enjoying the sun’s kiss.

…and I saved the best for last:

6. Listened to the sweet pitter-patter of baby Laxdal’s heart!

This week we shared the news that we’re expecting our first child! We couldn’t be more excited. I’m three months along, with a due date of New Year’s Day. And, yes, we do plan to find out the gender (in August). The planner in me couldn’t handle the suspense (not to mention, my inner interior designer wants to get started on the nursery ASAP!).

Will our baby be a mini me?

…or a mini Kelby? (I’m crossing my fingers for the hair.)

I’m so looking forward to getting my appetite and energy back now that I’m starting trimester numero dos. (Let’s just say, I’m sick of saltine crackers and 9 p.m. bedtimes!) And morning sickness is the silliest name ever, because it lasts the entire. day. long. Okay, I’m done venting, because I know these symptoms are actually a good thing, and for that I am so thankful.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve teeter-tottered between emotions of excitement and nervousness, gleefully making plans for the nursery and anxiously biting our nails over the budget, awing over the miracle of life and worrying about the delicacy of our blueberry-to-grape-to-(now)-lemon-sized baby. Hearing his or her strong heartbeat this week flooded our souls with relief and pure joy. God is good.

Stay tuned. This certainly won’t be the last blog post about our new direction in life. I’ve been bursting at the seams (and, thankfully, not my pant seams just yet… though I’m sure that’s coming soon enough) to share all the changes happening. Now that the news is officially out, I’ll be writing.

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