Garage sale success!

Yesterday we did something I haven’t done since childhood.

We had a garage sale!

It was hard work. But, considering the profit we made, I’d definitely do it again. (Not to mention–I feel like our house has “lost weight” from decluttering. ‘Gotta love that.) Plus, I got to hang out with my mom and my sister all day!

This was an annual rummage sale put on by our neighborhood. Since about 60 houses participate, someone just advertises the entire neighborhood sale, so we had minimal work to do in that department. All we did was put up this (kind of sad) sign and balloons on our corner. (Eventually, the limp balloons were moved elsewhere.)

We had six overnight guests the night before, so of course I made my usual simple breakfast: egg bake.

My dad decided to part with our old tandem bike (which was used all of six times). It drew quite a bit of attention.

Oh, and that’s my guitar from the first grade. I never did fully learn how to play, and figured I’ll be busy with other things (baby!) very soon.

Here’s some more of our junk treasures. You’ll notice that I did a pretty good job of weeding out clothes and jewelry.

And purses. (I’m more interested in diaper bags these days, anyway!)

My mom and sister were a HUGE help throughout the day. During the slower times, my deal-loving mom was able to sneak over to some other garage sales. She came back with this perfect-condition bassinet. Beautiful!

Today we got some much-needed R&R, but I did convince Kelby to tackle one project…

We set up our crib! After nearly three months of waiting, it was shipped to our local store yesterday. I love how it turned out!

Between clearing out the house clutter, making some moolah and setting up baby’s crib, I’d say it was a pretty successful weekend. How was yours?

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