5 baby items we really didn’t need.

Now that we’ve been parents for nearly 16 weeks, we’re basically pros at this job. Kidding!

But we certainly have had a chance to figure out what baby products are essential and what’s not so much. Here are five baby items we really could have lived without:

1. Bottle sterilizer. This was one of those last-minute, gotta-have-it kind of purchases. We unnecessarily spent $65 on a bottle sterilizer, thinking we’d sterilize every single dropped Nuk and dirty bottle. (Yeah right!) Don’t get me wrong–the bottle sterilizer would have been useful if we had a preemie or very sick baby (fingers crossed we won’t need it someday). However, soap and warm water keeps Annistyn’s bottles clean and her healthy.

2. Bottle warmer. We purchased our bottle warmer at a garage sale, so it’s not a big regret. But, considering we’ve never once used it, it’s just not something we needed. As long as the milk isn’t icy cold (room temp is perfect), Annistyn will drink anything. Of course, I’m sure this depends on the baby’s preference.

3. Breast pump and nursing shirts. Please don’t pounce just yet… let me explain. My first breastfeeding goal was to be able to do it. Period. One week–fine. Two weeks–great. Three weeks–awesome. Then I got a little cocky and figured I’d be okay doing it until six months. Several painful plugged ducts and a new job later, I changed my mind. Three months was good enough. I used my pump some, but it really wouldn’t have been necessary during my time at home. And stretching the collars of cheap tee’s and tanks would’ve worked just as well as buying special, elastic necklines. Oh well; maybe next time they’ll get longer use.

4. Crib bumper. I knew when I purchased a crib bumper that we’d only use it for a few months. It was more like one. The bumper makes the crib look cozy, but realistically, it’s not very safe. Waste of money, but at least it was inexpensive.

5. Fancy 0-3 month clothes. Dressing a newborn is much more about comfort than fashion. Yeah, it’s fun to have a few cute outfits for going out, but for the most part, zippered sleepers and cozy gowns are realistic. (I’m not so sure I’d call this a mistake, because I’ll probably do the same thing for future kids. I mean, how can you resist those adorable, itty-bitty outfits?)

This list wouldn’t be complete without mention of baby items we couldn’t live without, such as: a bouncer (where she hangs out during showers), tons of burp rags, bottle drying rack, multiple crib sheets (she’s such a good sleeper that she’s soaked every morning!), changing pad, boppy and the smartest investment of all: our nursery rocker/recliner, where we’ve taken countless naps together.

You live, you learn! As long as baby’s happy, it’s all good.

I’d say she’s pretty happy.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Totally agree with you on the bottle sterilizer and warmer! Though I gotta say, I’ve gotten a TON of use out of my breast pump (don’t leave home without it) and still sleep in nursing tanks each night. Keep that crib bumper handy- we took ours down for a little bit, only to find that Harper gets her legs and arms stuck if it isn’t up! She’s not nearly as good of a sleeper as Annistyn, so maybe that won’t be an issue for you. :)

    1. Angie Lynnae says:

      Agreed – the pump would’ve been 100% necessary had I continued BFing. I just wish I would’ve waited to make the purchase until after I knew how long I’d go. Good to know about the bumper! Annistyn often wakes up completely upside down, so she’s definitely awake and moving during the night (thankfully, quietly!). So far she hasn’t gotten stuck, ha!

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