Saturday Smiles.

7 presents in the present:

1. A broken dishwasher, meaning fried wires didn’t burn down our house.
(And, I get a pretty new one next week.)

Removing dishwasher

2. That my kitchen paint is no longer this lime green color we discovered behind our dishwasher. Lovely, huh?

Lime green paint

3. That, even though blizzards bite, we’re not dealing with real catastrophes.


4. Working out on the weekend.

Workout complete

5. Discovering that Starbucks now serves cake pops! Oh for yum!

Starbucks cake pops

6. Finding out the inside isn’t cake-like at all. It’s better. Moist and fabulous and under 200 calories a pop. (Which, according to my workout, I could eat three and then some. Though, one was plenty.)

Inside cake pop

7. Spending the evening reading my new book, Organized Simplicity, here:

Couch reading spot

Oh, happy weekend!

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