An organized master bath.

It’s 11:58 on a Saturday night. Guess what I just spent the last two hours doing? Organizing our master bathroom! And I had way too much fun doing it.

(I promise, I really am 22.)

Anyway, here’s the photo tour…

We have lots of space, which is wonderful but just invites clutter. And after finishing this book last week, I was feeling inspired to simplify.

Vanity storage

First, I emptied the vanity and sorted all the goodies.


That’s a lot for two people (okay, really one… I see nothing that’s his).

Vanity contents

If I truly used this many facial cleansers, it would take me an hour to get my face ready for bed every night!

Face washes

This is kind of pathetic. Hair products I never use…

Hair products I don't use

Vs. hair products I use every day.

Hair products I do use

Next up: makeup I rarely ever use…

Makeup I rarely use

Vs. makeup I use nearly every day.

Daily makeup

I have a tendency to use 1/2 a bottle and get sick of the scent. So I throw it in the vanity for later. Only later never happens, because I’m not all that excited about the product to begin with. So, I finally tossed these half-used items:

Trashed toiletries

Since these hair products are expensive and useful when I’m in a bind (i.e. when I run out of gel… and sans gel, my hair’s a frizzball), I kept them. They’re hidden in a basket, up and away from regular traffic areas.

Extra hair stuff in basket

These baskets have sat empty for almost a year. Perhaps it’s time I fill them? Extra loofahs.

Extra loofahs

Next, I wiped out and sanitized my empty vanity drawers, and started the process of refilling them.

Top drawer: only items I use every single day.

Top drawer - daily use

Second drawer: things I tend to use weekly (new razor, face mask, nail clipper, etc.).

Vanity drawer of weekly items

Third drawer: “fun” makeup that isn’t worn daily.

Extra makeup

Bottom drawer: extras of the items I use every day.

Extras of daily supplies

The under-sink area was crowded before. Now it simply houses items too big for the drawers.

Under the sink

My fave: bright white washcloths. (I see no point in having any other color. So clean!)

White washcloths

Added bonus: I found my old nail polishes. I probably paint my fingernails, oh, maybe five times a year – MAX. But I decided to tonight.

The color = Bling Bling!

Painted fingernails

I’m excited to see if my new, logically organized drawers improve my morning routine.

Oh, how I love an organized home!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Allison says:

    Looks great!! You can come organized my house anytime you want!

    1. Thanks! You know I would… :)

  2. Chris Irey says:

    Girl, you are so organized! I’ve been working on de-cluttering and de-personalizing our house here to get it ready to sell. It’s been enlightening. I have to Skype and email Ralph a lot…what is this? Do you want to keep it? Why do we have it in the first place? LOL I find it cathartic to pitch, pack and put in the give or garage sale boxes!

  3. Johanna says:

    So I’m not alone in my product addiction. I’ll have to tell Bryan. My latest guilty pleasure is you sign up for $10 a month and they send you a cute little box of sample products. I’m hoping this will help keep me from buying other products.

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