A to Z.

So it’s been forever since I’ve filled out one of these silly surveys, but as Annistyn’s napping away the morning, I find myself wanting to write but feeling uninspired. Here’s a little A to Z survey about me, just because.

A is for age: 23 (and a half).

B is for breakfast today: I actually ate breakfast today! Whole wheat toast with peanut butter and cherry jam, plus a tall glass of cold milk.

C is for currently craving: Nothing, actually. I think I’m good without coffee today (Annistyn slept 10 hours straight last night).

D is for dinner tonight: Leftover potato salad, grapes and burgers, perhaps on the grill?

E is for favorite type of exercise: Lately, long walks with the stroller. In fact, we just got back from one! I’m also a big fan of Tae Bo.

F is for an irrational fear: Cats. I know, I know.

G is for gross food: My dad offered me liver sausage last week. Nasty! I’ve also tried to eat raw celery with PB on many occasions, but I always end up eating the PB and tossing the celery. Can’t handle its stringy texture.

H is for hometown: Crystal, North Dakota.

I is for something important: Being fully present.

J is for current favorite jam: “We Are Young” by Fun. (The grammar geek in me is wondering if I should add another period, since the band is really called “Fun.”?)

K is for kids: Just one sweet little babe. She makes an appearance here once in a while…

L is for current location: At my desk, in my home.

M is for the most recent way you spent money: Tickets for a Twins game this summer. And I wrote a check.

N is for something you need: All you need is love…

O is for occupation: Health care public relations professional. (Yay for starting a new job next week!)

P is for pet peeve: Cats on kitchen counters. Gross.

Q is for a quote: “When you are frustrated with trying to save the world, focus on making the spot you’re in beautiful.”

R is for random fact about you: I majored in architecture during my first semester of college.

S is for favorite healthy snack: Lately, I’m into Greek yogurt (it has to be Chobani, though). We’re also huge fans of Whirley-popped popcorn (that’s kind of healthy, right? minus all the butter).

T is for favorite treat: Whirley pop… with butter. Topped with melted M&M’s.

U is for something that makes you unique: I was a straight-A student throughout college, and yet I say some of the ditziest things of all.

V is for favorite vegetable: Peas. Fresh from the garden = candy.

W is for today’s workout: Walking, and I plan to squeeze in another one this afternoon.

X is for X-rays you’ve had: Dental, and an ankle way back when.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: Family time–spending the afternoon with Kelby’s extended family and dinner with my parents.

Z is for your time zone: Central.

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  1. Chris Irey says:

    Love your list…also love Chobani. One of my favorite snacks. I agree on the peas too…I’m eating a lot of fresh snap peas with hummus right now. Another favorite snack! And we nearly had the same supper!! I had a turkey burger and some grapes…no potato salad leftovers though.

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