Daily watering.

As a full-time working mom, I put a lot of pressure on my weekends.

I keep a list of weekend to-do’s on my phone that I add to throughout the week. Our weekdays are ruled by routine, so if I think of something extra to do, it’s probably going to happen over the weekend.

Some weekends I follow through; others are more about having fun. The meal planning, spotless home and empty laundry baskets can wait. Sometimes it’s about going for a family bike ride, picnicking in the park or scheduling date night. The best weekends include elements of both.

But here’s the issue: whether productive or purely pleasure, we need to do things daily.

My poor flowers are living a sad life this summer. I mean, they’re barely hanging on in the heat. While I’ve been caring more about spending time with my spunky two-year-old or going for a run in the evenings, my flowers are forgotten daily. I just finished watering them. Unfortunately, extra water today won’t make up for daily watering.

Watering flowers

Humans operate much the same. For health and wholeness, there are things we need to do daily, not just every once in a while, to thrive. Rest, eat, move, read, pray, play, enjoy. And, on the especially hot, busy, crazy days, it’s even more important to keep up with this daily “soul watering.” If we don’t take the time today and every day to do the things we love and the things we need, when will we get the time back?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. niemann2013 says:

    Nobody can do it all. You’re doing it right by choosing priorities that count. Don’t sweat the dry dead flowers. You can always buy plastic ones. :)

  2. Chris I says:

    Have Kelby put in a drip system…water those babies automatically!!

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